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Exclusif: Testing à Suzuka

10 Septembre 2009, 16:47pm

Catégories : #Saison 2009

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Il y a eu des essais hier sur le tracé de Suzuka. Un fan (Akihito) nous livre son résumé. Dans la rubrique "Photothèque" retrouvez les clichés de cette séance de test.

First of all JRP(Japan Race Promotion) and Honda / Toyota hosted this test. And It was tested by using FN09 machine that each manufacturer had. This test is power steering unit test. However JRP that manages FN(Formula NIPPON) positions it , saying that "Engine test". Each manufacturer also followed the gentleman's agreement of not appointing the FN participation driver at this season. So Test Drivers are TOYOTA: S.Motoyama / T.Iguchi / D.Ito HONDA: Y.Ide Everyone doesn't enter in this year's FN. All drivers evaluated this device, "It is very wonderful". Finally I have other information. It is to be executed a certain restriction. The restriction concerning soft tire introduction & damper in FN Final Race. If I'm able to get more infomation. Then I promise the information to be offered to you. adiós!