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Direction assistée: Les avis sont partagés !

20 Juillet 2010, 06:15am

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Les pilotes se sont prononcés le week-end dernier à FUJI, à propos de l'introduction de la direction assistée à partir de la 5ème manche à SUGO fin Septembre. Toutes les voitures seront équipés de ce système, mais en option.. Une fracture de 4.000.000 de yens difficile à réglée par les Team-Manager à KYB ? Ci-dessous voici un communiqué officiel, extrait du site Japonais Racing Views traduit et diffusé par Swift Engineering. C'est en anglais dans le texte, mais cela vaut tout même le détour !


From Racing Views website Note the difference in opinion between the drivers and engineers/managers.

It was announced yesterday (7/17) that starting Round #5 at SUGO, power steering system will be introduced. At SUGO, it is expected that there would be additional practice session for those drivers who had never driven this system before. Some comments were collected from the paddock on this topic.

Kei Cozzolino Car #7: Of course I'm happy. I might steer too much in the beginning as I'm so used to steering with all my might (laugh). I expect as much as 0.5sec (!!) increase in lap time.

Takuya Izawa, Car #2: It's a good thing. The steering effort currently required is absolutely outrageous. I don't think it would change racing too much, though, because everybody gets the advantage. I don't think it would affect the lap time too much, either. Would I be steering too much? That's possible ... (laugh).

Tsugio Matsuda, Car #3 (Kondo): That's a good thing. I think it would improve the quality of driving in places like the last turn at Sugo. Without the power steering, some drivers must be backing off on the throttle due to lack of muscle power. It would be effective at Suzuka as well. I think it would improve the laptime slightly, both during qualify and race. There were instances where you couldn't do an opposite lock steer, but with power steering, you would be able to clear such situations.

Naoki Yamamoto, Car #31: It's not so much I'm happy or not, but I think it's a must item. It's very dangerous as we have it now, as you cannot do an evasive maneuver in case something happened. I am not sure if it would make our lives easier physically, though. I expect increase in cornering speed, so I think our burden will increase some other way.

Loic Duval, Car #1: It's a good thing and will make everyone happy. The driving as we have it now is too hard. I can steer as I wish better, with power steering system. It would not be just muscle power but more technical. I think the lap time will increase, allowing for more high quality battle.

Yasuyoshi Tahara, Engineer, Nakajima Racing
: We might have to re-look our setup, once the steering effort decreases. Some engineers had to adjust castor, in order to reduce steering effort. Such engineers could now use the castor he wanted. In that respect, power steering could make some difference at SUGO.

Hiromu Tanaka, Manager, HDFP: Power steering would only salvage drivers that doesn't have enough strength and I don't find it too meaningful. Personally, I think getting rid of paddle shift would make the racing better, rather than putting on power steering.

Yutaka Kaneko, Manager, IMPUL: Drivers want them 100%. I understand that. However, I am not convinced that they are absolutely necessary. If you think about it, the Group C cars had way more down force and way more grip in the tires. Having said that, I think it's a good idea to introduce them. We were fortunate enough that we were able to order them, but some teams might find it hard to make that extra spending mid-season. I am not sure if all the teams were able to order them. That makes me wonder.

FN09 does not have extra in terms of electricity. Honda is said to have introduced bigger alternator this season and is believed to have enough capacity for the power steering system. However, Toyota teams might have to have extra battery, knowing there would be a weight penalty.

System was originally tagged at around 4,000,000YEN but it seems that they would be offered at significantly lower price. However, the cost burden is on the teams so some teams seem to be struggling with that extra spending mid season.

Some people praises the introduction of power steering as "New JRP president Mr. Shirai took strong initiative to discuss this issue with teams and reached this decision. It's to his credit." On the other hand, some team personnel were openly frustrated by this decision which forces them extra spending mid season.

Introduction de la direction assistée à SUGO

Selon AutoSport_web dans un communiqué en date du 16/7 révèle, que KYB est (enfin) prête à introduire le système de direction assistée (évalué à 4.000.000 de yens), sur les monoplaces Formula Nippon. Des essais ont été menés durant le mois de Juillet, à cet effet à Twin Ring Motegi. Une aide bien utile pour les pilotes qui se sont pleins, dès le shakedown (en Août 2008 à FUJI ndlr), ont enfin étaient entendu par l'organisation (Japan Race Promotion). Par exemple, en 2009, les pneus tendres étaient inappropriés, la direction étant beaucoup trop dure à tournée ! Voila pourquoi les performances, entre l'ancienne Lola et la Swift étaient sensiblement identiques malgré un gain de puissance de 50 chevaux ! Ajoutons à cela, plus de Down-Force dans les courbes, les "petits" gabarits ont souffert n'en doutons pas ! C'est à SUGO 5ème manche de la saison 2010, que les pilotes pourront bénéficier, de ce système, selon l'organisation: "à partir de la mi-saison la Formula Nippon va renaître" ! Nous pensons qu'il y aura encore plus de bagarres !