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9 Novembre 2011, 00:07am

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10002722-Kevin-MOTORSPORT JAPAN Festival 2011-FormulanipponNotre chroniqueur Japonais Kevin, s'est rendu au dernier au Motorpsort Japan 2011, manifestation annuelle qui à eu lieu comme en 2010 à Odaiba. Voici son récit et ses photos:

Today I've been watching around Motor Sport Japan 2011. It's a festival of Japanese motor sport! Sadly this time there are no Formula One car because no Japanese constructor F1, however, the event was so amazing! This is the my first time to watch the Motor Sport Japan. In this event mainly many of racing cars do the demo run. I bought a VIP area pass which costs 2,500 yen about 23.3 euro, using it, we can watch the demo run seating from the temporary stand. If it isnt use, perhaps we cant watch most of it and all of time standing and waiting to start it so cant watch almost any other booth. The demo run car is many of racing cars, for example, Formula Nippon, now and former Super GT, F3, the rally cars, Nurburgring 24h ver. LFA, however, in my opinion, the main car is Mazda 787B, the Le Mans winner 1991, 20th anniversary of the victory at Le Mans. Sure FN, SGT and any other car is so good, but 787B has a characteristic exhaust note and we can watch few it running, what is more the 787B there came is the full restoration for engine & chassis model of the winning. It's a real, not mock-up! I think it's a Japanese proud as it has an only victory at Le Mans by Japanese car. Sorry for the long introduction, I show you the day!

At first, I left home in a little before 8 a.m. It's hold in Odaiba, the Tokyo metropolitan area. From my home to there, it needs about in an hour by some trains. I go to there with a my friend. The gate has opened and soon we see Kazuki Nakajima, Hiroaki Ishiura, Juichi Wakisaka in TOYOTA booth. They were playing putting golf. After that, I got their autographs! We've watched to the Le Mans 24h booth. There are 3 cars Mazda 787B, later running, Nissan R90CP, Toyota 90C-V, Honda NSX. In there I found the 787B's 1/43 model car, it's an anniversary edition so the day's model!! However, it was 7,500 yen about 68.6 euro, so expensive! Finally I bought that as the day was my birthday! In Nissan booth, I've been watching the Super GT's pit stop demonstration. In it, some could try changing a tyre with the wheel gun! The presenter girl said "Some wanna gonna change a tyre, raise your hand." Sure I raised hand and I was elected!! It was so fantastic and enjoy the moment, the first time to use the wheel gun ever for me!! And in JAF GP Fuji booth, I could find 3 FN's trophies, 2 trophies for the drivers' champion and 1 trophy for the champion team!! Perhaps for this year's!!

The rare car for me I've ever seen in there is «Toyota 7». The car is in Gran Turismo by PlayStation and was aimed to race in Japanese Grand Prix, not F1, was older race about 40 years ago, however the aim hasn't completed. The car for NA had 600PS and for twin turbo had 800PS. The characteristic of it was front mask, without lights. And for demo runs, in my memory for strong is sure 787B. Really characteristic exhaust note. The car was demo run too in Le Mans this year by Johnny Herbert! Here's driver was Youjirou Terada who is called in Japan "Mr. Le Mans" and Automobile Club de L'ouest's director. And Ryuji Kobayakawa who developed 787B's engine and was the person in charge for Mazda RX-7. These two Japanse's autograph is in my that's 787B model car! When I was second in Le Mans booth, they are checking 787B's engine! So loud and I could feel my eardrum was swinging!! And sure FN and GT, rally drivers demo and so on was sooo good!! That's why I enjoyed watching show cars and demo run!

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