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Test FUJI: Parole de débutants !

1 Décembre 2011, 15:49pm

Catégories : #Saison 2011

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En plus des pilotes vedette, qui nous aurons fait vibrer tout au long de la saison, 7 jeunes sont venus tester la FN09 cette semaine à FUJI. Voici leurs réactions: 


Par notre correspondant Japonais  Kevin


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Direct appeal for the manager Kondo and to join the test. "I searched the cause of the slump."


Hironobu Yasuda No.03 KONDO RACING This time I appealed to Kondo "I wanna join the test. manage the menu properly, can I drive the car?" and he says "We have the slump this year, ok" Driving FN09 was the first time and the last driving FN was in 2008 LOLA FN06 for 3 years. I forgot the feeling of FN car, so it's I had compared with F3.FN09 has huge the engine power and needs throttle control for the tyre's grip level, so we need more the technique for this car. Actually I had a pain on the neck in like 100R by my condition, he crashed at Macau and he bruised the back and neck, but I could feel the down force at like that high speed corner. On 28, I couldn't drive so much as we had a problem on the brakes. Finally I could drive moderate time from then. However, I felt that it's more difficult to search the cause of the car's slump. I tried to find that, however, I couldn't find the trouble of the brakes. Andrea have said the same problem occurred for him. In that point, TOM'S and IMPUL are working well.

Estimated the well driving on the JAF GP. "I wanna be back to FN and joined the test to back it in my mind."


Toshihiro Kaneishi No.010 HP REAL RACING I could get the chance to join this test for the reward that I resulted well in SUPER GT on the JAF GP. I had the experience to drive FN09 for the engines test twice, but it was in 2009. It had been 2 years. Today, I checked the bad part of the car of this year. From then, I tried some well setting for me. I felt the different before I had drive as the problem occurred for the car after the driving and I had the long gap to drive myself. FN09 has a more high speed cornering than Super GT, so I couldn't attacked well is the cause too. The last of last I could drive well. I wanna be back to FN if I can, and I had a presupposition to back to FN.

Got the chance to drive FN by the well result in SUPER GT. "It's not the easy way, but wanna drive for full season."


Ryo Orime No.18 SGC by KCMG I've been offering to drive FN as I wanna drive that, however, getting the chance to do was not easily. But I could result well in SUPER GT, my sponsor made a team and I was elected the driver of that, on this year. It was evaluated so I could drive this time.It has been 6 years to last driving FN. I enriched my experience to drive a formula car before the way to drive FN09. As the pedals, the paddle shift, the view, the posture, all of them are difference between the formula car and the GT car, so tried to adjust that at first. I found then that FN09 had more down force than FN06. And the most biggest for me is better for my strength than FN06 by the power steering. However, the burden for my neck is bigger and bigger to the cornering speed is higher. I can't talk yet what about the time is well or not. But I wanna drive, I've been wanted to drive this. However, to drive FN is not easily.

Raced in Japanese F3, Irish young driver. "I impressed the FN car. I could learn many, good day for me."


Gary Thompson No.018 SGC by KCMG I impressed the car so much. Too fast and all good. But I didn't drive full time, shared with Orime, so it was difficult for me. But I think I could learn many things so I think good day today. The most difficult was at the high speed corner. Too high speed so much and difficult to drive without mistakes. If I get more experience, I could drive much faster. Especially this car has much down force and the engine power so to enrich my experience to drive is not easy, however, I could enjoy. I missed when wearing the new tyres, but I could learn many things, so I thank to the team and sponsor, Toyota for giving me this chance.

Decided to drive in Fuji. "I could do anymore by the feeling. Enjoyed."


Hideki Yamauchi No.007 Team Le Mans This chance was by the sponsor and Team Le Mans's principal. Coming to Fuji and discussed the result, when the free time , I could drive. It was better for me even though the measuring lap was only 8 laps. About the car, the engine power was so huge so if I can control that, I could result the good time, I thought. Diving into the corner and raising the conering speed, throttling when I can throttle as F3 weren't obtained so I thought if they aren't in my mind, I couldn't driving fast. I felt the down force at as the Coca Cola corner and 100R. Compared with that, it didn't fit the ratio so much at the low speed corner. I can do anymore by feeling but I enjoyed.

Thinking this is for the audition for next season. "It wasn't full. I'm regrettable."


Yuki Nakayama No.10 HP REAL RACING This time, I got the contact by Honda and HP REAL RACING's manager Katsutomo Kaneishi, so I could get the chance to drive the car. I had driven FN09 2 years ago in the test on the wet condition, but the difference of the car's action at high speed corners is so much between dry and wet. To catch the down force made more grip, so I needed much time to back such feeling. At the last attack, I little felt to use the new tyres' good spot, but I had more gain in the time so I'm regrettable. I didn't do the big mistake, but I felt I couldn't drive to the limit. FN09 is faster than SUPER GT so much, I should drive different, so I felt I should be accustomed to one of one, and I need more time to drive is honesty my impression. I joined the test for next year in my mind. Sure I wanna race on this series and I've been it in my mind, but i don' know what will happen to next year.

The Dutch who flourish in DTM. "It's different from both F3 and DTM., so I should do more aggressive."

Renger van der Zande No.16 TEAM Mugen I thought that Japanese motor racing has high level and I've been thinking if I get a chance to drive in Japan is good. I'd like to check how professional that is. Then my acquaintance who is Mugen's staff when I raced in F3 recommended me to get the chance to drive on this test. FN car is so fast and has huge engine power for me, so I thought the car needs for me another driving. It's different as both the F3's style and DTM's style, so I thought I should drive more aggressive, so I need more a day. The straight speed in Fuji is so high, however, sector 3 is so technical, so I think it's good course. But the hairpin was so difficult. Before that, there are 2 high speed corner complex and there is little downward slope so it's easy to lock the wheels. (my opinion, the hairpin he says is the Dunlop corner?) In such a condition, I tried little the setting menu, I think I could help the team. I don't know anything my way in next year, but I wanna discuss about my future with the team.

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